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Data Management Guide for Faculty, Researchers, and Students. The Data Services Coordinator can help you with your data management plans, teach workshops on best practices, and help identify repositories to find and deposit data.

What You'll Find in This Guide

Data management encompasses the processes surrounding collecting, organizing, describing, sharing, and preserving data.

  • Data Management Plans are also referred to as DMPs. In this tab, learn about the requirements for data management plans for various funding agencies, templates for DMPs, and find other resources to help you manage your research data.
  • Organization and Format - Understand the various ways you can strategically organize and arrange data and information into a digestible, user friendly format, and learn why preservation is important for your data. Click to the sub-page to learn about metadata and why it is important to your research. The data dictionary sub-page helps you structure your own!
  • Sharing and Storage - Discover why the experts believe you should share your data, the methods for sharing, publication practices, and the different ways and places you can store your data.  
  • The Glossary helps define some of the terms used in this guide.
  • IP and Copyright details how intellectual property and copyright are treated with respect to data.
  • Resources has additional tools to help you stay informed of the changing data management landscape and utilize best practices.


Quick & Dirty Tools

If you're looking for quick solutions to common data management challenges, try these:

Some Fun

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