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Qualitative Data Analysis


"Qualitative data analysis is the process of identifying patterns in written information, audio recordings, video, or images" (Jensen & Laurie, 2017).


This guide will provide resources to support your work with qualitative data analysis (QDA), particularly outlining the availability and scope of support for computer-assisted software QDA (CAQDAS). 


Software Available

NVivo is available for JMU faculty, staff, and students to download from the JMU Libraries website. 

Taguette is open source software available for anyone to download.

Technology Support

The IT Help Desk and the JMU Libraries support staff are not trained to answer NVivo or Taguette questions. 

Research Methodology Consultations

You can make an appointment to meet with a member of the Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI) for a consultation about qualitative or mixed methods research methodologies. These appointments are not for technology consultations. Use the following forms to request a consultation

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Guide content adapted with permission from NYU Qualitative Data Analysis guide.

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Jensen, E., & Laurie, C. (2017). An introduction to qualitative data analysis [Streaming video]. Retrieved from SAGE Research Methods.