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Qualitative Data Analysis


NVivo is a qualitative research tool that can be used for:

  • coding and analyzing source materials
  • auto-coding material
  • import survey results for analysis
  • creating many different data visualizations

JMU community members can download NVivo to their computing resources.


Transcript files are kept forever unless they are deleted by the user. Continuing to gather files that contain sensitive data over time may increase the impact of a data breach. JMU IT recommends that transcript files are deleted from the system when they are no longer needed.

JMU's License Information

Overview of the two NVIVO license options available


(Grey Icon)


(Blue Icon)

JMU Access Most recent version

Version previously available at JMU

To Install Login to myNVIVO

Select first download option
Login to myNVIVO

Select option under Download Older Version
To Activate

Click "Provide Enterprise Key to Activate"



NVIVO 12 Windows Activating a License steps

NVIVO 12 Mac Activating a License steps

Activation Code Login to Access Login to Access
Tutorials Start Using NVIVO Start Using NVIVO

The IT Help Desk and the JMU Libraries support staff are not trained to answer NVivo application-specific or technical questions. Such questions as well as a list of technical requirements should be directed to QSR’s Technical Resource Center.

Working with Multiple Users in NVivo

Please note that in NVivo you can share files and merge team members work, however if you would like the ability to code simultaneously you will need to buy an alternative NVivo package with "Server Add-On Capabilities." 

Here are some more resources for learning more about qualitative research in teams generally:

  • Liggett, A.M, Glesne, C.E., Johnston, A.P., Hasazi, S.B., & Schattman, R.A. (1994). 'Teaming in qualitative research: lessons learned'. Qualitative Studies in Education , Vol 7 No. 1
  • MacQueen, K.M., McLellan, E., Kay, K., Milstein, B. (1999). 'Codebook Development for Team-based Qualitative Analysis'. Cultural Anthropology Methods Vol. 10 No.2
  • Sprokkereef, A., Lakin, E., Pole, C. J., & Burgess, R. G. (1995). 'The data, the team, and the Ethnograph'. in R. G. Burgess (Ed.), Computing and Qualitative Research (Vol. 5,). Greenwich: Jai Press, Inc.