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Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics

This guide will help students and faculty research topics in Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics (CISBAN)

Frequently used resources for CIS & BAN research

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New titles on CIS & BAN topics

Business Data Science: Combining Machine Learning and Economics to Optimize, Automate, and Accelerate Business Decisions

Use machine learning to understand your customers, frame decisions, and drive value. Business Data Science takes you through the steps of using machine learning to implement best-in-class business data science.

Effective Cybersecurity

William Stallings' Effective Cyber security offers a comprehensive and unified explanation of the best practices and standards that represent proven, consensus techniques for implementing cyber security.

A Human's Guide to Machine Intelligence

This book makes the compelling case that we need to arm ourselves with a better, understanding of the phenomenon of algorithmic thinking. This book also gives us a route in, pointing out that algorithms often think a lot like their creators.

Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management is intended to sensitize the heads of organizations to the issues raised by information systems (IS). The book combines and analyzes three key concepts of IS: governance, urbanization and alignment.


For decades, IBM shaped the way the world did business. IBM products were in every large organization, and IBM corporate culture established a management style that was imitated by companies around the globe. IBM has gone through both failure and success, surviving flat lining revenue and forced reinvention.

Implementing AWS: Design, Build, and Manage Your Infrastructure

With this Learning Path, you'll explore techniques to easily manage applications on the AWS cloud. You'll begin with an introduction to serverless computing, its advantages, and the fundamentals of AWS. The following chapters will guide you on how to manage multiple accounts by setting up consolidated billing, enhancing your application delivery skills, with the latest AWS services.

Security, Privacy, and Digital Forensics in the Cloud

In a unique and systematic way, this book discusses the security and privacy aspects of the cloud, and the relevant cloud forensics.

The Wireless Internet of Things

The Wireless Internet of Things: A Guide to the Lower Layers presents a practitioner's perspective toward the Internet of Things (IoT) focusing on over-the-air interfaces used by applications such as home automation, sensor networks, smart grid, and healthcare.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers is the essential guide to next-level JavaScript development. Written for intermediate-to-advanced programmers, this book jumps right into the technical details to help you clean up your code and become a more sophisticated JavaScript developer.

How Technology Is Changing Human Behavior

Explains some of the ways in which technological advances are altering, for better or worse, large-scale human behavior, thought processes, and critical thinking skills. * Examines existing and emerging technologies * Covers topics from technology's effects on critical thinking skills to social interaction and intimacy * Considers how many human jobs will be lost to robots * Explains how psychology is an integral part of technologies reshaping our behavior

After Net Neutrality

This short book is both a primer that explains the history and politics of net neutrality and an argument for a more equitable framework for regulating access to the internet.