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Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics

This guide will help students and faculty research topics in Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics (CISBAN)

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New titles on CIS & BAN topics

Smart Cyber Physical Systems

Smart Cyber Physical Systems: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities are the new generation of collaborative computational entities, with a prime focus on integration of the physical world and cyber space. Through a feedback mechanism, the system adapts itself to new conditions in real time. The scope of this book includes research experience by experts in CPS infrastructure systems, incorporating sustainability by embedding computing and communication in day-to-day applications.

New Age Analytics

This comprehensive and timely book, New Age Analytics: Transforming the Internet through Machine Learning, IoT, and Trust Modeling, explores the importance of tools and techniques used in machine learning, big data mining, and more. The book explains how advancements in the world of the web have been achieved and how the experiences of users can be analyzed. It looks at data gathering by the various electronic means and explores techniques for analysis and management, how to manage voluminous data, user responses, and more. 

Smart Innovation of Web of Things

The Web of Things (WoT) is a concept that describes approaches, programming tools and software architectural systems, which interface networks of real-world objects with the World Wide Web. The book is organized into 11 chapters, each focusing on a unique wireless technological aspect of the Web of Things, and it aims to comprehensively cover each of its various applications.

Swarm Intelligence for Cloud Computing

Swarm Intelligence in Cloud Computing is an invaluable treatise for researchers involved in delivering intelligent optimized solutions for reliable deployment, infrastructural stability and security issues of cloud based resources. Starting with a bird's eye view on the prevalent state-of-art techniques, this book enriches the readers with the knowledge of evolving swarm intelligent optimized techniques for addressing different cloud computing issues including task scheduling, virtual machine allocation, load balancing and optimization, deadline handling, power-aware profiling, fault resilience, cost effective design and energy efficiency. 

Information Systems

Most information systems textbooks overwhelm business students with overly technical information they may not need in their careers. This textbook takes a new approach to the required information systems course for business majors. For each topic covered, the text highlights key "Take-Aways" that alert students to material they will need to remember during their careers. Sections titled "Where You Fit In" and "Why This Chapter Matters" explain how the topics being covered will impact students on the job. Review questions, discussion questions, and summaries are also included. This second edition is updated to include new technology, along with a new running case study.

Enhancing Business Continuity and IT Capability

Enterprise servers play a mission-critical role in modern computing environments, especially from a business continuity perspective. Several models of IT capability have been introduced over the last two decades. Enhancing Business Continuity and IT Capability: System Administration and Server Operating Platforms proposes a new model of IT capability. It presents a framework that establishes the relationship between downtime on one side and business continuity and IT capability on the other side, as well as how system administration and modern server operating platforms can help in improving business continuity and IT capability.

Strong Security Governance Through Integration and Automation

This book provides step by step directions for organizations to adopt a security and compliance related architecture according to mandatory legal provisions and standards prescribed for their industry, as well as the methodology to maintain the compliances. It sets a unique mechanism for monitoring controls and a dashboard to maintain the level of compliances. It aims at integration and automation to reduce the fatigue of frequent compliance audits and build a standard baseline of controls to comply with the applicable standards and regulations to which the organization is subject.

Secure Edge Computing

The internet is making our daily life as digital as possible and this new era is called the Internet of Everything (IoE). Edge computing is an emerging data analytics concept that addresses the challenges associated with IoE. More specifically, edge computing facilitates data analysis at the edge of the network instead of interacting with cloud-based servers. The increased connectivity and the devices used for edge computing will create more room for cyber criminals to exploit the system's vulnerabilities. In this context, this book addresses the cyber security challenges associated with edge computing, which provides a bigger picture of the concepts, techniques, applications, and open research directions in this area.

The Evolution of Business in the Cyber Age

This book has a two-fold mission: to explain and facilitate digital transition in business organizations using information and communications technology and to address the associated growing threat of cyber crime and the challenge of creating and maintaining effective cyber protection. The book begins with a section on Digital Business Transformation, which includes chapters on tools for integrated marketing communications, human resource workplace digitalization, the integration of the Internet of Things in the workplace, Big Data, and more. The technologies discussed aim to help businesses and entrepreneurs transform themselves to align with today's modern digital climate.