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Early Music: Viola da Gamba

Viola da Gamba

History and Background

Recommended (Curated by JMU Faculty)
  • "Bowed Instruments" by Wendy Gillespie from A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music, ed. by Jeffery Kite-Powell  Paid for by JMU
  • "The Viola da Gamba Family" by Stuart Cheney with Barbara Coeyman from A Performers Guide to Seventeenth Century Music, ed. by Jeffery Kite-Powell  Paid for by JMU

Playing Instruction and Methods

Recommended (Curated by JMU Faculty)
  • Play the viol:  the complete guide to play the treble, tenor, and bass viol by Alison Crum, et. al.  Paid for by JMU
  • Viola da Gamba Method by Martha Bishop  Curated by JMU Faculty


Recommended (Curated by JMU Faculty) 


Recommended (Curated by JMU Faculty)

Instrument Makers and Repair

Curated by JMU Faculty Curated by JMU Music Faculty  Paid for by JMU Paid for by JMU  Open AccessOpen Access Resource

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