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New print & e-books in business law

The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty

A critical examination of the wrongdoing underlying the 2008 financial crisis.

Business and the Roberts Court

In recent years, the Supreme Court appears to have taken a greater interest in "business" issues. Does this reflect a change in the Court's orientation, or is it the natural outcome of the appellate process?

The Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty

Drawing on a broad range perspectives, this book examines the idea of "freedom of the church," the rights of for-profit corporations, and the implications of the Supreme Court's landmark decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby for debates on anti-discrimination law, same-sex marriage, health care, and religious freedom.

Shadow Courts

In this book, investigative journalist Haley Sweetland Edwards offers a detailed look at one little-known but powerful provision in most modern trade agreements that is designed to protect the financial interests of global corporations against the governments of sovereign states.

Working Law

Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, virtually all companies have antidiscrimination policies in place. How is it that discrimination remains so prevalent in the American workplace despite the widespread adoption of policies designed to prevent it?

Digital Currency: An International Legal and Regulatory Compliance Guide

Digital or 'virtual' currencies pose significant challenges for government, financial and legal institutions because of their non-physical nature and their relative anonymity to physical currency.

Capital Offenses

If "corporations are people too," why isn't anyone in jail? In the race to maximize profits, corporations can behave in ways that are morally outrageous but technically legal. This book invites us to take a fresh look at our legal framework and learn how it can be used to effectively discipline corporations for wrongdoing, without dismantling the corporation.

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