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Fiction and literature in the JMU Libraries

Tired of reading textbooks and journal articles? Then you've come to the right place. 

Where is it?

You can find literature, fiction, and novels in 3 locations within JMU Libraries: 

  • The 3rd floor of Carrier is where most of the literature and fiction books are located. 
  • The "Popular Titles" shelves in the lobbies of Rose and Carrier offer a small selection of current books (both fiction and non-fiction).
  • The ETMC (Educational Technology and Media Center in Memorial Hall) offers literature and fiction written for young adults

How do I search for it?

If you know what book you want to read, type its title into the "Find by Title" search box and click Submit. We are happy to help with searching for books, if you want to call/chat/email or drop by the library.

How do I browse for fiction on the 3rd floor of Carrier?

If you don't know what book you want to read, you can browse the shelves. Here are some sections on the Carrier 3rd floor that will have fiction and literature. You can also call/chat/email, or make an appointment with a librarian, for help finding a book to read for fun.

American literature (1900-present):

PE1001-1693 - Modern English
PS221-228 – 20th century
PS229-231 – 21st century
PS3500-3549 – Individual authors - 1900-1960
PS3550-3576 – Individual authors - 1961-2000
PS3600-3626 – Individual authors 2001-

British Literature (1900-present):

PE1001-1693 - Modern English

PR471-479 – 20th century

PR481-489 – 21st century

PR6000-6049 – 1900-1960

PR6050-6076 – 1961-2000

PR6100-6126 – 2001-present

Literature in languages other than English - some translations into English are included in these sections:

PA: Greek and Latin languages and literatures
PC: Romanic languages | includes French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
PD: Germanic languages | includes German
PG: Slavic languages | includes Russian
PJ: Afro-Asiatic languages and literatures | includes Arabic
PK: Indo-Iranian languages and literatures | includes Persian
PL: Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania | includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Swahili
PQ: French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish literature
PT: German literature

For  more infomation on finding literature in the Libraries, visit these guides by Brian Flota, Humanities Librarian: