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Strategic Leadership Studies

This guide will help graduate students in the SSLS program with their research.

Before you start

Consider the following before starting to search for measurement instruments. Content adapted from the University of Michigan.

Published vs.
Unpublished Tests

Published tests or measurements are available for purchase from the test publisher. Certification or permission from the publisher and author(s) might be required to administer these tests.

Unpublished tests or measurements are not available commercially but might be included in articles, studies and dissertations. These tests are also under copyright and you should request permission to use these tests by contacting the author(s).

How do I ...


Be Patient

Finding a test or measurement instrument can be challenging at times and requires patience. You will likely need to consult several different resources, online databases and books but don't give up. If you need additional help please contact your liaison librarian.



Always get permission from a test's author before using the test.  

Find a known test

Step 1: Check the Leadership Instruments Library compiled by Dr. Karen Ford and Dr. Sam Nickels with help from the SSLS department. 

Step 2: Check in PsycNET. Put a couple of key words from the test name into the search box, and change the dropdown menu from Any Field to Test Name. 

Step 3: Check for the test in our dissertations database.

Step 4: Check for the test in ERIC. Go to Advanced Search and limit Publication Type to Tests/Questionnaires. 

Step 5: Search the ETS Test Link database. 

Step 6: Try the JMU Library Catalog

  • search the test name as a keyword
  • search on a combination of Note "Gift" and Form/Genre "psychological tests

Step 7: Try Google.

Step 8: Try Google Books

Adapted from the University of Michigan

Find a test on a topic

Step 1: Consult an index of tests. JMU subscribes to two databases for this: 

Step 2: Find an article or research study similar to your study that uses or describes a test on your topic.

Step 3: Consult books or resources that describe tests categorized by topic. 

Adapted from the University of Michigan

Find a test review

Test reviews can be found in reference works and in journal articles. 

Remember that not every test will have a published review.


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