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MKTG 465: CRM Technology for Sales Professionals

This guide will help students with researching their target firm

Find Analyst Reports

Designed for investors, reports from financial, investment, and market intelligence research analysts contain specialized information regarding industry performance.

Corporate information centers might have similar subscriptions. Alternatively, you can purchase relevant reports a la carte. 

Other analyst groups that you might encounter (but that JMU doesn't have access to) include Forester, FirstResearch, Plunkett Research Online, etc.

Find Industry News

Find Industry News: Search Trade Journals

JMU subscription databases aggregate articles from multiple publications. Search for industry trends or mentions of your client.

Find an Industry Association

Industry or trade associations "represent the interests of the member firms of an industry" (Entrepreneur, n.d.). They might lobby for industry interests with governments, provide resources to members, or publish reports. Some information is available free via websites or journals.

Other tips for finding industry associations

Here are some Google searches that will often yield interesting trade associations:

[Product or Industry]  +  (organization OR association)

  • Example: "higher education" (organization OR association)

Trade association [your industry]

  • Example: Trade association journalism