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MKTG 465: CRM Technology for Sales Professionals

This guide will help students with researching the health care industry.

Investigate your industry

Industry or trade associations "represent the interests of the member firms of an industry" (Entrepreneur, n.d.). They might lobby for industry interests with governments, provide resources to members, or publish reports. Some information is available free via websites or journals.

To identify leading trade journals and their publications for a particular industry, try looking in the "Additional Resources" section of IBISWorld industry reports. 

Search across trade journals

JMU subscription databases aggregate articles from multiple publications. Search for industry trends or mentions of your client.

Use your NAICS

Remember that your company's NAICS code can help you find useful information. Use ReferenceUSA to get that information.

Use specialized reports

JMU subscribes to these resources. Corporate information centers may have similar subscriptions, or you or you can check with local public or state libraries to see if they provide access. Alternatively, you can purchase relevant reports a la carte. 

Find financial information

Public companies

Information is much easier to find because of required SEC reporting. Try these tools and search by company name.

Private companies

Usually require us to use industry financial benchmarks

University finances

This will also depend on whether the university is public or private.

Identify local media

News and legal databases

These JMU databases can help you overcome paywalls to look up articles about people, companies, or industries. 

Use alert systems to notify you of new articles

Set alerts to follow the local news organizations that regularly cover your company.