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Portions of this guide have been adapted from Texas Woman's University, with permission.

Why Me?

In order to promote informed ORCiD adoption by JMU faculty and students, you need hands-on experience with creating an ORCiD profile for yourself and applying your ORCiD iD to your own professional output, whether email signatures or conventional scholarship.

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ORCiD & Libraries

  • Libraries have been dealing with author attribution and author disambiguation for centuries – we have the experience and know-how.
  • Libraries are heavily invested in promoting open access to information resources, and that includes open-access researcher profiling systems like ORCiD.
  • Libraries are heavily invested in integrating Linked Open Data into conventional resources, like bibliographic catalogs, and digital resources like institutional repositories.  ORCiD iDs are ideal candidates for Linked Open Data applications.  Library of Congress, OCLC, the German National Library are already integrating ORCiDs into their Linked Open Data strategies.  JMU Libraries has been creating Library of Congress name authority records, with ORCiD iDs, since 2014.
  • Libraries are heavily invested in promoting information literacy and digital literacy – correct use of the ORCiD iD falls squarely within the scholarly communication/digital initiative ecosystem. 
  • Part of the Madison Plan involves bringing favorable publicity to the institution.  Creation of an ORCiD profile, with a correct attribution of JMU as an employer or degree-granting institution, promotes faculty, staff and student online identity management through a combination of personal agency and search engine optimization.  JMU Libraries is uniquely positioned to recognize the importance of this, and to effect ORCiD iD adoption through educational outreach, whether liaison, Innovation Service staff or other JMU Libraries staff member.

Register -- Add Info -- Use Your ORCiD iD

Register for your ORCiD at
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Complete your ORCiD record with your professional information, link to your other identifiers, and fill in your scholarly record.

Include your ORCiD on your website, when you submit publications, and apply for grants.