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ORCiD: ORCiD 4 Students

Portions of this guide have been adapted from Texas Woman's University, with permission.

Help Others Find Your Thesis

You’ve worked hard on your thesis—now help others find it and learn about your research interests. When you upload your Honors Capstone Project, Thesis, or Dissertation (collectively referred to as ETDs) to JMU Scholarly Commons, add your ORCiD iD. This will enable others to find your work now and in the future, as your career progresses.  JMU Libraries will add your ORCiD iD to the Library of Congress authority record that we create for you upon submission of your dissertation to JMU Scholarly Commons.

Collaboration, Anyone?

Using your ORCiD iD can help others discover your work—and as with other researcher profiling systems, this may lead to collaboration with colleagues, across the country or around the world, who have similar professional interests.

Help the Machines Connect Your Works with Your Name

The ORCiD iD URL is a digital fingerprint couched in machine-actionable language.  The major search engines “crawl” ORCiDs regularly and heavily index the results. A challenge: perform a Google search on your name.  Create an ORCiD if you do not have one already, populate it richly, and repeat the search a month later, this time adding “ORCiD” to the query string.  Where does your ORCiD appear now in the search results?

Support Your Alma Mater

Linking your name, your works and your college or graduate institution across your career provides significant publicity for JMU.  It also makes it easier & more reliable to generate accurate statistics about how our graduates are faring in their afterlives. Stay connected with ORCiD! 

Manage Your Public Identity

Unlike most social media services, you exercise complete control over every word of your ORCiD profile.  You add your ORCiD iD to all of your online publications, student papers, email signatures, organizational profiles, and even your social media memberships, if you are comfortable with associating your social media activities with your professional identity.  To help the computers keep your identity straight, add, in the Websites section of your ORCiD profile, your personal website URLs, other researcher identifiers like a Google Scholar Profile or ResearcherID, and again, your social media websites if you want to make that linkage.  Your ORCiD profile not only belongs to you, it travels with you when you graduate.