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SRM 242 - Sociology & Psychology of Sport & Recreation Management

This course guide will help Dr. Pate's students find and use scholarly sources to use for their assignments.


The below is a select list of peer-reviewed journals, which are publications that contain research articles. Each journal publishes new issues multiple times a year.

Research Databases

These databases search across thousands of journals and scholarly books.

Database search tips

JMU's databases of scholarly articles require different search strategies from Google. 

Search strategies

Boolean terms

AND- Searches for both terms in the same record

OR- Searches for records with either term

Not- Excludes records with that search term


*  Searches for words with alternative endings. Ex: behav* = behavior, behave

?  Represents a single character, anywhere in the word: Ex: analy?e

“...” Searches for records with the exact phrase

Can I use Google Scholar to find articles?


Google Scholar logo

Yes, of course! Academic researchers do all the time. But be aware of its benefits ... 

  • Allows you to search scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, not just a single database.
  • Suggests related articles, who else has cited this work
  • Frequently the fastest way to track down an article by citation

... and limitations

  • Not all articles returned are available full-text through JMU Libraries
  • Not all articles are peer-reviewed ( and there's no way to filter)
  • Less precise results than you’ll get using a specialized database

Find a peer-reviewed journal by title 

Looking for a particular peer-reviewed journal that your professor has recommended? Search to see whether JMU subscribes. 

Search for Periodical Titles

Browse Periodicals by Subject

Browse Periodical Titles

0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other

Find a particular article using a citation

Often, simply searching the title of an article in quotation marks in Google Scholar will bring you to the electronic version.

Alternatively, search for the journal title using the "Find a peer-reviewed journal by title" box below. 

This video shows how to identify the journal title from an article citation.

If we don't have full-text available, request it free* from another library via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

*Occasionally, items require a fee. You can cancel the request.