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NSG 317 - History of Nursing

Newspapers as Primary Sources

As a review, primary resources are resources that are from the historical period that you are researching.  Searching historical newspapers can be a little tricky.  If you are unfamiliar with your historical figure, event, or time frame, start with reference resources first. 

Here are examples of what would be an appropriate newspaper article as a primary resource on Florence Nightingale.

Who is Mrs. Nightgale example

Who is Mrs. Nightingale? (1854, November 23). Evening Post. pp. 1. Retrieved from America's Historical Newspapers database.

  • This is a good primary source since Florence NIghtingale lived from 1820-1910 and the article was published in 1854

Search Tips

To search the newspaper effectively:

  • Use individual names
  • Filter results by time period
  • Pay attention to the full information listed in the database names to make sure your time period and location are appropriate areas to search for your topic