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What information do I need?

At times, you might be asked by your instructor to find and use specific kinds of information. Scholarly journal articles aren't always the most efficient way to find answers.

Use this page to learn about different sources to help you decide when you should be using different types of sources in your research.

Types of Sources






Wikipedia logo

Audience Anyone
Author Anyone
Citations References optional
Content Name, classification, overview, history
Purpose To openly share knowledge
Review Process Minimal

Protein Knowledgebase





UniProt logo

Audience Academics, researchers, industry
Author UniProt staff
Citations References included
Content Name, classification, structure images, sequence data, function
Purpose To openly share knowledge about protein sequences and functions
Review Process Independent Scientific Advisory Board

Scholarly Journals




Audience Academics, researchers
Author Academics and researchers experts in their field
Citations References required
Content Research results/reports, reviews of research, book reviews 
Purpose To share with academic community
Review Process Editorial board made up of other experts, many articles are peer-reviewed