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International business

This guide will help students research international business topics.

Frequently used resources in international business

New books about International Business

International Business Blunders

Difference in the levels of progress between developed and developing countries poses significant challenges for firms from the developing world to operate successfully in markets in the developed world. Increasingly, firms in developing countries will have no choice but to look for markets in large and wealthy developed countries in addition to other similar developing countries.

The Handbook of Global Trade Policy

Provides a state-of-the-art overview of international trade policy research. The Handbook of Global Trade Policy offers readers a comprehensive resource for the study of international trade policy, governance, and financing.

Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Russia

Russia is one of the world's largest growing economies. With this exciting new growth and development, there is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered from the strategies and models being used and created throughout Russia's economy.

Chinese and African Entrepreneurs

With a clear focus on social changes, be it quotidian behavior or specific practices, the authors employ multi-disciplinary approaches in analyzing the various impacts that the intensifying interaction between Chinese and Africans in their roles as ethnic and cultural others, entrepreneurial migrants, traders, employers, employees etc. have on local developments and transformations within the host societies, be they on the African continent or in China.

Globalizing Capital

Bringing the story up to the present, this third edition covers the global financial crisis, the Greek bailout, the Euro crisis, the rise of China as a global monetary power, the renewed controversy over the international role of the U.S. dollar, and the currency war. Globalizing Capital is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand where the international economy has been--and where it may be going.

Ten Years after the Crash

After the Crash is an innovative analysis of the crisis and its ongoing influence on the global regulatory, financial, and political landscape, with timely discussions of the key issues for our economic future.

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on European Environmental Policy

The European Union (EU) has sought to establish itself as a global environmental leader but was hit by the combined effects of the economic and financial crisis from 2007-8 leading some to question whether the EU could continue to adopt ambitious environmental policy.

International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Marketspresents insights from Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey to enlighten scholars by unearthing the nature, drivers, barriers and determinants of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. It examines structural and environmental impediments to internalisation but demonstrates that these are far surpassed by the market opportunities and business readiness of SMEs in emerging environments.