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International business

This guide will help students research international business topics.

Frequently used resources in international business

Connecting from off-campus

Connecting to JMU Libraries from off-campus

JMU students, faculty, and staff can use electronic resources from off-campus via one of these two methods.

Most of our resources will ask you to log in as a JMU user through the browser (OpenAthens).

But a few resources are restricted to JMU's WifF network and require Pulse Secure. When they do, databases will have a little black square with a green S next to the name.

New books about International Business

International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Marketspresents insights from Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey to enlighten scholars by unearthing the nature, drivers, barriers and determinants of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. It examines structural and environmental impediments to internalisation but demonstrates that these are far surpassed by the market opportunities and business readiness of SMEs in emerging environments.

Corporate Responsibility, Human Rights and the Law

This volume inquires how regulatory tools stemming from international law, public law, and private law may or may not be used for transnational corporate accountability purposes. This book combines legal-doctrinal approaches with comparative, interdisciplinary and policy insights.

New Frontiers in the Internationalization of Businesses

New Frontiers in the Internationalization of Businesses: Empirical Evidence from Indigenous Businesses in Canadahighlights the impact of international expansion as a potential pathway to address the challenges of poverty and vulnerability, and provide relevant new knowledge on the factors that support successful international expansion of Indigenous businesses. This book examines how entrepreneur's identity and cultural values, network ties, motivations, and resources and capabilities facilitate or hinder the internationalization of Indigenous businesses.

Japanese Management

This book provides a new understanding of the constellations of logics in Japanese management practices in Asia and the West. Through comparative ethnographic case studies in a Japanese multinational corporation (MNC), the book explores the cultural meanings of family, corporation, market and religion.

Global Business

In the midst of the growing prominence of international interconnectivity and contradicting attention attained by skewed misinformation about global impact, Global Business is a straightforward commentary on mega trends in globalization.

Global Aspects of Reputation and Strategic Management

Growing tensions and disagreements over globalization, as well as the role of multinational enterprises in the global economy, and competition among countries, has made the challenge of managing reputation across national institutional environments increasingly complex. This book addresses these critical strategic issues by exploring how country-level factors influence reputation development and how reputation obtained in one context can be transferred to another.

Strategic Responsiveness and Adaptive Organizations

The book presents new perspectives in the study of responsive adaptive processes in organizational settings that has high relevance for social science researchers with interests in these issues. Intelligent and curious managers and management students can likewise gain access to new ideas that may inspire their current thinking on effective organizational practices.

Managing Across Cultures

Managing in a multicultural setting can be very challenging. Culture strongly influences how people behave and how they understand the behavior of others, and cultures vary in the behaviors they find proper and acceptable. This report--which integrates work done by experts in the fields of anthropology, cross-cultural psychology, and international business management with CCL's perspective on how executives learn from experience--describes the cultural values, often unconsciously held, that underlie work in the U.S.

Business Sustainability in Asia

Business Sustainability in Asia offers 12 chapters that cover different aspects of business sustainability with a keen focus on its implications in Asia.