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COB 202 - Social Issues

This guide will help COB 202 students use JMU Libraries resources to research social issues

What is a database?

A library database is a digital platform where you can get access to different types of resources such as scholarly articles, videos, datasets, news, etc. Some databases are more like YouTube, where you can access a wide-variety of resources, and others are more like Netflix, where you can only access specific content.

This guide explains a few databases that contain the information required for your research assignment.


Finding business information

Adapted from Source Type Diagram made by Kathryn Eckler, Science and Math Librarian, James Madison University

How can I use Google?

Google is another great resource that can be used to find news articles, blogs, background information on a topic, etc. However, many resources you find in Google, like business news articles from the New York Times or scholarly journal articles, will be locked behind a paywall  -- making it look as if you need to pay for access to these articles.

Often, these are resources that JMU Libraries already pays for. Check with one of JMU's business librarians to see whether the full-text article is available to you for free.

Still prefer searching in Google? Try these tips to access Libraries' resources more seamlessly while in Google.