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This guide will help students with management research.


Welcome to the Research Guide for Management courses! 

This guide will help students use information to develop business plans, analyze case studies, or write research papers.

Not sure where to start? Consult with one of our research experts.

Peer research advisers can help with:

  • finding more credible sources for business plans or academic projects

  • citing sources in APA


Your business librarian can help with:

  • identifying whether business database can answer your research question

  • tackling honors capstones, theses or research assistant projects


Prepare for your consultation

What type of business information do you need?

Find competitors or industry financial benchmarks

  • Your best bets are Data Axle, Mergent Online, BizMiner or PrivCo 
  • Access these databases on the Data about Companies page

Determine market size and identify your best customers

  • Your best bets are Mintel Academic, Statista or Claritas 360
  • Access these databases on the Data about Consumers page

Review sample plans from other businesses


Examine your company's organizational culture or strategy

  • Your best bet is Business Source Complete
  • Access this database on the Data about Companies page.

Find media coverage about your company

  • Your best bet is Factiva or Access World News
  • Access these databases on the Find News Articles page.

Learn more about the industry you're analyzing

  • Your best bets are Mergent Online or IBISWorld
  • Access these databases on the Data about Companies page

Search for scholarly or peer-reviewed articles about business concepts

  • Your best bets are Business Source Complete, PsycINFO, or JSTOR
  • Access these databases on the Find Scholarly Articles page.

Find a particular scholarly article based on a citation

Undertake a comprehensive literature review


Understand trends affecting your industry before your interview

Find media coverage about your company

  • Your best bet is Factiva or Access World News
  • Access these databases on the Find News Articles page.

Determine salary ranges for a location

  • Your best bets are O*NET OnLine or the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics
  • Access these databases on the Data about Careers or Jobs page.


Connecting from off-campus

JMU students, faculty & staff can use electronic resources from off-campus via one of these methods.

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New books on management topics

Management Lessons from the Great Explorers

This book selects the most famous, and in some cases infamous, explorers to discuss and analyze the good and bad management practices--even though these explorers may have never called them management practices--they used before, during, and even after their expeditions.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Risk and Decisions

The authors draw on years of working with and in early-stage ventures to provide guidance for managing the risk associated with these decisions. The book is designed to help entrepreneurs move quickly, rapidly iterate their business models based on customer feedback, and provide guideposts for managing the risks inherent in all startup ventures.

Small Business Management

This book gives us a holistic description of all paragons involved in small business operations during crisis years and suggests the necessary steps that need to be taken to help them overcome their problems.The author clearly demonstrates the crisis implications to small businesses by using personal research and real-life examples in addition to a big bibliography from renowned academics. 

Dynastic Planning

This book is designed to be a guide to demystify the journey leading to preserving family legacy. It is based on the fact that a family business is a partnership among its members, and that the most successful family business succession plan is the one devised by the family itself.

How to Fail at Change Management

This book presents notable examples of attempts by experienced managers to implement bad ideas that lead to failed change so that change managers are better equipped to avoid common pitfalls in managing change.

Scrum for Sales

This book shows how the elements of the leading agile framework "Scrum" should be applied to install agility in the salesforce, improve sales performance, and resolve typical performance issues in sales organizations.

Total Innovative Management Excellence (TIME)

This book presents the thoughts and ideas of more than 20 of the most creative innovation thought leaders from business, professional practice, and academia. Anyone interested in innovation (practitioner or researcher) will benefit from this global thought collection. 

Event Project Management

This book discusses and explains how to manage events utilizing the sustainable project management model adapted to the specific context of event management. The authors introduce the theory, show how it is being used in the events sector through a literature review, incorporate examples and case studies written by researchers and/or practitioners, and contain methods that can be used effectively in the real world. 

Sustainable Innovation

This book provides insights into sustainable innovation trends in various marketing- and management-related fields. Authors critically investigate, amongst others, the sustainability impact of disruptive product design and innovative collaboration solutions within buyer-supplier relationships, along with innovative organizational processes to promote sustainable well-being-productivity synergy.

Six Paths to Leadership

This book offers critical insights and strategies, currently missing from the repertoire of leaders and their supporters, for managing across six distinct paths into leadership positions: promoted, hired, elected, appointed, founded, and family legacy. 

Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

A straightforward, yet comprehensive guide that can be used to easily communicate effective risk management ideas among the various stakeholders who comprise a nonprofit organization.

Achieving HR Excellence Through Six Sigma

Although world-class firms like GE and Motorola have relied on Six Sigma to build their performance cultures, these processes are all too often left out of human resources (HR) functions. This book explains how this powerful methodology works and supplies a roadmap to help you find and eliminate waste in your HR processes. 

Management in the Age of Digital Business Complexity

This book focuses on how the digital age is changing management and vastly speeding up complexity dynamics. It has been created for academics seeking to upgrade management thinking into the modern digital age and vastly improve the change capabilities of firms facing digital-oriented competition.