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This guide will help students with management research.

JMU Libraries signs contracts with a variety of vendors to provide business databases that are licensed only for academic and educational use. Violation of these terms by even one person may result in permanent database cancelation for the entire university.

To help you proceed responsibly, we offer these general guidelines. If you aren't sure, ask us!

Appropriate Usage

Permitted Not Permitted
Work related to JMU classes, academic and scholarly research, personal knowledge, and career exploration.     Work completed as volunteers, interns, or employees in business establishments, companies, or other organizations.
Co-curricular opportunities where students advise external clients, analyze cases for competitions, or participate in JMU entrepreneurship programs to explore their own business ideas or startup ventures. Work related to JMU advancement, technology transfer, endowment and related university business.

Saving and Sharing

Permitted Not Permitted
Students may share their own summary conclusions and minimally share excerpts or highlights. (Always cite your sources!) Sharing reports, extensive statistical data, or related content outside of the JMU community is not allowed. That includes granting clients' requests for copies of downloaded materials as part of class projects.
Students may download, save and print data, reports, or articles relevant to a single assignment or project. Systematic downloading or automated searching and downloading are not allowed.

Authorized Users

Permitted Not Permitted
JMU students, faculty, staff or affiliates engaged in academic, co-curricular or scholarly research. JMU students, faculty or staff whose main motivations are supporting external organizations, startups, licensees, and other partners or sponsored entities. 
  Alumni or on-campus visitors seeking knowledge for competitive business purposes.

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This guide is adapted from one created by the University of Washington Libraries and shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.