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MBA Resources

Resources for students in JMU's MBA programs.

Get to know these 5 resources

Yes, you can find lots of information in Google. But as an MBA student, you have access to company and industry analysis, market research, and scholarly articles that are not freely available in Google. 

JMU Libraries subscribes to several databases that contain this information. Access these articles from this guide, because you'll need to log in with your eID/password and Duo to use them off-campus. 

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Connecting from off-campus

Connecting to JMU Libraries from off-campus

JMU students, faculty, and staff can use electronic resources from off-campus via one of these two methods.

Most of our resources will ask you to log in as a JMU user through the browser (OpenAthens).

But a few resources are restricted to JMU's WifF network and require Pulse Secure. When they do, databases will have a little black square with a green S next to the name.

New business books

The Leading Practice of Decision Making in Modern Business Systems

Focusing on modern business systems from within the modern Russian context, this book examines how companies can become leading competitors globally within their industries through new decision-making processes. For scholars researching business management, leadership, and decision-making, this book also offers a useful insight into how optimized decision-making processes can be applied to the modern business system.

The Entrepreneurial Dilemma in the Life Cycle of the Small Firm

The Entrepreneurial Dilemma in the Life Cycle of the Small Firm enables lecturers, researchers and practitioners in the fields of entrepreneurship, small business development and business administration to understand these entrepreneurial dilemmas and ways to resolve them.

The Tyranny of Metrics

How the obsession with quantifying human performance threatens our schools, medical care, businesses, and government. In this book, Jerry Muller uncovers the damage our obsession with metrics is causing--and shows how we can begin to fix the problem. Filled with examples from education, medicine, business and finance, government, the police and military, and philanthropy and foreign aid, this brief and accessible book explains why the seemingly irresistible pressure to quantify performance distorts and distracts, whether by encouraging "gaming the stats" or "teaching to the test."

Sustainability Is the New Advantage

"Sustainability Is the New Advantage" identifies the skill sets, best practices, and new ideas needed to teach a new generation to start, grow, and manage sustainable organizations.

Business Models

The growing body of research on business models draws upon a range of sub-disciplines, including strategic management, entrepreneurship, organization studies and management accounting. Business Models: A Research Overview provides a research map for business scholars, incorporating theoretical and applied perspectives. It develops the field of business model research by offering a critique of the field as it has developed to date and provides a guide for future research and theorization.

Project and Program Management

This book is the first to truly balance a complete account of the technical aspects of project and program management with a practical approach to understanding and developing the core competencies required to accomplish desired goals. On the technical side, this book is a complete introduction to predicting costs, setting schedules, and assessing risks. On the people side, it sheds new light on how to mold different personality types into a team, how to motivate the team's members, and how to produce extraordinary results. T

Business Practices in Higher Education

The new edition of Business Practices in Higher Education helps readers understand the true nature of higher education and appreciate how the academy effectively incorporates business practices into everyday work lives.

Advances in Global Leadership

This volume continues to advance both global leadership research and practice by bridging and integrating conceptual, empirical and practitioner perspectives to provide a deeper understanding of this rapidly growing field of study.