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MBA Resources

Library resources for students in JMU's MBA programs.


As an MBA student at JMU, you have access to:

  • 300,000 e-books that can be accessed anywhere
  • 1,000s of business magazines, journals, and news sources
  • Dozens of specialized research databases (full list)
  • Personalized research help

This guide collects these sources in one place, to stay informed, find and evaluate sources, and manage files and citations. Research guide (PDF format)

Frequently used resources for MBA students

New business books

Transforming an Idea into a Business with Design Thinking

This unique framework leverages the principles of Design Thinking, agile development, and lean start-up combined in an easy to follow manner by anyone and helps transform ideas into business in a short timeframe with little or no investment.

Smart Business

How Strategy Works in an Interconnected, Automated World Leaders already know that the classic approach to strategy--analyze, plan, execute--is losing relevance. But they don't yet know what replaces it. As everyone and everything becomes more interconnected and digitized, how do you operate, compete, and win?

Business Hack

Business Hack is your essential roadmap to business growth and online marketing success.

Navigating the Investment Minefield

In this book, H. Kent Baker and Vesa Puttonen show new investors how to avoid rash financial decisions and basic investing sins.

Business Data Science: Combining Machine Learning and Economics to Optimize, Automate, and Accelerate Business Decisions

Use machine learning to understand your customers, frame decisions, and drive value. Business Data Science takes you through the steps of using machine learning to implement best-in-class business data science.

Business Strategies for Sustainability

Business Strategies for Sustainability brings together important research contributions that demonstrate different approaches to business strategies for sustainability. Many corporate initiatives toward what firms perceive to be sustainability are simply efficiency drives or competitive moves.