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MBA Resources

Resources for students in JMU's MBA programs.

Negotiating your salary

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Negotiating your salary

These resources can help you determine what you should be paid. 

What about those salary estimating tools I see online?

Salary estimators from sites like Indeed, PayScale and require you to create an account and answer a lot of questions that could potentially be personally identifiable. Proceed cautiously when giving away your data for "free" to these sites. Learn more below. 

Will your salary cover your cost of living in your new city?

Cost of living calculators can help you evaluate a job offer to see if a $40,000 a year salary is enough to cover your expenses in your new city. These tools can help you compare how much things like rent, utilities and groceries cost in different U.S. cities.

It's not just about your salary: Evaluating benefit packages

Use these resources to understand the tangible and intangible compensations that is offered from employers. These are benefits that are included in addition to salary and wages. Typically these packages include insurance, retirement plans and paid-time-off.