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This guide will help students with research on marketing topics.

Document information as you research

Document information as you find it

Pasting a bunch of links into a document and making sense of them later is counterproductive. It wastes  time if you have to re-scan and determine value later. Instead, highlight exactly what key information a source provides as you collect sources. Two other tips: 

  • Use persistent or permalinks. Beware! Copying the URL from the browser won't always reopen the search results.
  • Adopt a file-naming convention to make your documents easier to search


Recommended resources

Choose a citation manager

Most business reports require 2 types of citations: In-text citations in the narrative and an alphabetized bibliography of citations at the end.

Remember: The goal of every in-text citation is to direct your readers back to the bibliography so they can verify the information on their own. They work together.

Recommended citation generator

Other help with APA style