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Guide to Hybrid & Online Teaching at JMU

Limitations facing students using Chromebooks

Students using Chromebooks will have several online learning limitations, which you should accommodate:

Respondus Lockdown Browser

The LockDown Browser for Chromebook app is not available to students for use on their personally owned devices. Please refer to the Respondus support site for more detailed information about compatibility issues with using the LockDown Browser for Chromebook app on a personally owned Chromebook.


Chromebook users will have limited access and support when joining Webex meetings, with the Webex Web APP (not Webex App for Chrome). Joining Webex Training Center sessions is also problematic for Chromebook users. Learn more on the System Requirements for Webex help article from Webex.


WebAssign, a popular online instructional tool in STEM fields, is not supported on Chomebook devices.

Other Limitations

  • Chromebook users typically cannot install Microsoft Office. Some Chromebook users may be able to install and run Microsoft Office by following this guide. Students may use Google Docs and Slides for some assignments, but students are unable to complete assignments that must use Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • Chromebook users will face challenges when completing projects that require audio, video or media content as well. Some Android apps and/or web-based video editors may provide some workarounds.

  • Chromebook users will experience challenges completing assignments if they are located in an area without internet access.

To learn more, see this article from Lifehacker: "Are Chromebooks Good Laptops for Students?"

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