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MKTG 380 - Principles of Marketing

This guide will help non-business majors take advantage of JMU Libraries' specialized marketing information.

Start broad: Learn about your industry

An industry is a group of businesses that are related in terms of their main activity, for example manufacturing cars or selling groceries (Source: OpenLearn, The Open University).

We can use industry reports to learn about:

  • Forecasting 5-year demand for the industry's products
  • Identifying external factors affecting firms collectively, such as supply chain issues or new government regulations
  • Comparing financial performance against industry benchmarks

JMU Libraries subscribes to these tools to help us learn about our larger industry.

Need help using one of these databases?

Find your industry assocations

These groups might publish research about the state of the industry or toolkits to help your client succeed with marketing or recruiting. 
Some industry associations only make research available to dues-paying members. If you are working with a local client, ask if they are a member. 

Find industry news or trade journals

Trade associations sometimes publish magazines or newsletters that discuss trends affecting companies operating in that industry. 

These databases are your best bets for finding news specific to your industry:

Need help using one of these databases?