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COB 300 - Integrative Business

This guide helps students research their business plan proposals. Be advised this is NOT a comprehensive checklist for all topics that should be researched.

Research consumer behavior

Mintel Academic and Statista have the most comprehensive reports about consumer trends for different types of products (personal care, apparel, consumer electronics, etc.)

Recommended resources


Segment your market

You can divide a market by demographic factors, psychographic characteristics, geographic location, and perceived product benefits (Meyer & Graham, 2014).

Recommended resources (demographics and geography)

Recommended resources (psychographic characteristics)


Forecast demand for product 

To forecast, you might need to determine units sold, competitors' market share, or predict population growth for your target audience. 

Recommended resources (units sold)

Recommended resources (local market)

Recommended resources (population trends)

Plan advertising (e.g., strategies, rates) aka marketing mix

These resources will help you think about strategies for reaching your customers and how much it will cost to do so. Look under Datacenter or Data for the best information.

Note: AdAge may ask you to enter your name and email to download its fact packs. This is normal.

Recommended resources (strategies & budget benchmarks)

Recommended resources (cost calculators)