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Book Displays

Read About Afghanistan

Selected by Yasmeen Shorish, September 2021
n display in Rose Library starting October 1, 2021


As the current crisis in Afghanistan continues to unfold, you may find yourself wanting to understand the situation better and learn how to support Afghan people. We share this book display to help highlight the history, heritage, culture, beauty, and complexities of Afghanistan, Afghan people, and members of the Afghan diaspora.  

In addition to reading, here are some actions you can take:

  • Consider these actions to take — and to avoid — from UNESCO youth ambassador Bushra Ebadi.

  • Sign on to an appeal for Afghanistan’s scholars, students, practitioners, civil society leaders, and activists from the Scholars at Risk Network.

  • Donate to the emergency student fund from the Institute of International Education, which provides support for international students from Afghanistan.

  • Call your representative to lobby for continued evacuations of people in danger and expanded support for refugees. If you’re not sure what to say, here is a sample script and more advice about how to be involved.

  • Veterans and family members of veterans may find the VA’s Let’s talk about Afghanistan resources or the Veterans Crisis Line (Call 800-273-8255 and select 1) helpful.

  • Seek out Afghans to listen to and learn from, including local activists, journalists, and leaders.

Photo credits: Photo on the left is a UN Photo/Homayon Khoram; CC-BY-NC-ND. Photo on the right by Ali Mosavi on Unsplash.