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Book Displays

On display in Rose Library, March & April, 2024. Selected by JMU Office of Disability Services.


The theme for Disability Advocacy Week 2024 is “Minds of All Kinds,” which focuses on neurodivergent individuals. Through this display of books, podcasts, and videos, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) aims to guide interactors through selections that explore neurodivergence, neurodiversity in higher education and the work force, perspectives of neurodivergence from a variety of fields, and a few selections from this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin. ODS hopes to provide students, faculty, and staff with valuable insight on topics of neurodivergence, disability, diversity, and how people with “Minds of All Kinds” show up in the world!

Selections from Keynote Speaker Dr. Temple Grandin

Digital Media: Videos, Movies, Podcasts

Dr. Temple Grandin


Universal Design for All Minds

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Diversity in Neurodiversity

Print Books


Neurodiversity: Autism/Aspergers

Neurodiversity: ADHD

Neurodiversity: OCD

Neurodiversity: Tourette's Syndrome

Neurodiversity: Dyslexia

Neurodiversity: Dyspraxia

Neurodiversity in Higher Education: Resources for Students and Faculty

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Perspectives on Neurodiversity

Online Reading & Resources