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Book Displays

On display in Rose Library, November & December 2023.
Selected by Liana Bayne-Lin and Kathryn Eckler, who are very glad to be part of the vibrant scientific community here at JMU as the Science & Math Librarians.


From the far reaches of our galaxy, to local ecosystems closer to home, scientific discovery is fostered by individuals, teams, and communities coming together to answer bold questions. Scientific communities can create generative spaces for exploration and collaboration (and, sometimes, competition!). In the imaginations of writers like Tolkien, Asimov, Butler, and more, and in real-world labs around the globe, scientific communities can be found tackling humanity’s big questions and wicked problems in all places and times. This display features memoirs, biographies, fiction, and non-fiction resources that explore scientific communities and community members at work in the past, present, and future.

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