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Book Displays


On display, October 2023 in Rose Library. Selected by participants of the Be)Holding Love & Loss Series.
Organized by Michael Trocchia & Bethany Nowviskie.


What is it to love another, in this life and beyond? When we lose the people we love, can that love somehow keep them alive? Might those we grieve be nearer than we think, just—as it were—on the other side of life? Or perhaps nothing can be held forever, not in memory nor in our hearts. Through a combination of talks and art events, this series will explore these questions through continuous conversations and considerations on the nature of grief—how we understand our grief, what we grieve, and the ways in which grief figures into our lives.

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The Automatic Sweethearts on Spotify

"Firelight" and "Me and My Monster" from the album And The Sky Fell Down


Be)Holding playlist on Spotify

Songs featured during series events


"Believe For It"

by CeCe Winans


"Gracefully Broken"

by Tasha Cobbs Leonard



by Marvin Sapp


"Thank You For It All"

by Marvin Sapp

Online Books, Poetry, and Stories Available to JMU Community

American Imago, Vol. 77, Number 1, Spring 2020

Special Edition on "Ecological Grief"


"Anderson Cooper is Still Learning to Live with Loss," The New York Times


Arranging Grief: Sacred Time and The Body in Nineteenth-Century America

by Dana Luciano


Eurydice to Orpheus

by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Nina Kossman



from Loneliness as A Way of Life by Thomas Dumm


Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes

by Robert Lowell, adapted from Rilke


Reflections on Death, Dying and Bereavement: A Manual for Clergy, Counsellors and Speakers

by William Smith

Online Books, Poetry, and Stories Available to Anyone

"I Carried My Father Across the Sea"

by Gbenga Adesina


"The Myth," Eurydice Harrisonburg

a collection of poems on the Orpheus myth


"The Peace of Wild Things"

by Wendell Berry


"Shaping Grief with Language"

told by Gregory Orr, on the podcast On Being with Krista Tippett


"The Song of Napalm"

by Bruce Weigl



by Gbenga Adesina