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Artificial Intelligence and You: Impacts on Society

Artificial Intelligence and You

Impacts on Society

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to supplement the work of human employees in factories, offices, and on transportation routes. This evolution raises several questions about how human intelligence and AI will coexist in society.

  • What are the ethical implications of biased data used to build algorithms?
  • What are the economic implications for companies that are considering AI and must choose between mass layoffs or significant retraining of their workforces?
  • What will AI mean for those preparing for careers that might not yet be defined?

Check out our book display in Carrier Library that features titles that explore how artificial intelligence will be shaping the future of work and society or join local technology enthusiasts, practitioners, researchers, and business leaders at ValleyTechCon19 to discuss AI and other topics.

ValleyTechCon19 convenes on Sept. 25 at Hotel Madison.