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Book Displays

Social Justice & Disability in Academia

On display in Carrier Library, March 2022
Selected by JMU Office of Disability Services, with special thanks to Mary-Abbott Pearson


This display serves to educate and bring awareness to the JMU and Harrisonburg community about accessible learning materials, universal design, and the intersection of social justice & disability in academia. Universal design supports a diverse student population and promotes accessibility, usability, and independence. Promoting universal design principles not only benefits individuals with disabilities, but everyone. We hope that this display serves as a way to engage members of our community in conversations about disability, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and accessibility.

Thanks to the Office of Disability Services for putting this display together and for continuing their great work on Disability Awareness Week 2022. Disability Awareness Week is March 21-25.

To view a list of books and call numbers in a separate document, please visit this link.

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