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Book Displays

The Anthropocene & Us: Navigating Humanity's Impact on Our Planet

On display in Carrier Library in March 2019. Selected by Liana Bayne and Esther Nafziger.

Feminist scholar Donna Haraway, in her 2016 book Staying With the Trouble, writes that, “Bounded individualism in its many flavors in science, politics, and philosophy has finally become unavailable to think with, truly no longer thinkable, technically or any other way.” This book display brings together the physical sciences, the political sciences and the humanities to take up the question of the Anthropocene. Geologist Paul Crutzen first coined the term Anthropocene in 2000, and The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as, “The era of geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate, and ecology of the earth.” In this book display, we take our cues from Haraway and posit that individuals across all disciplines and fields must now collectively face the ways that humans impact our planet. Through collective action, we may find answers to some of the Anthropocene’s problems.

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