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Learn About Ukraine • On virtual display starting February 28, 2022 • Last updated October 4, 2022 Selected by Kristen Shuyler

As Russia continues its escalation of violence in Ukraine, we acknowledge the worry, grief, and uncertainty that people in the JMU community and around the world may be feeling. 

This display, originally launched in February 2022, offers books, ebooks, music, videos, and selected reputable online resources that offer broad context to the current events in Ukraine, to support anyone who wants to understand this situation better. We have continued to add resources, most recently in October 2022.

At the end of this page, we have shared some actions you can take in addition to checking out some of these library materials.

Streaming videos from JMU Libraries

Print Books from JMU Libraries

E-Books from JMU Libraries


Two Ukrainian singers have won the Eurovision Song Contest: Jamala (listen to her winning song, 1944) and Ruslana (listen to her winning song, Wild Dances).

Listen to the JMU Brass Band perform the Ukrainian National Anthem on March 5, 2022.

The JMU Music Library also has Ukrainian music for you to check out, including:


Selected Reputable Online Resources (freely available)


Actions you can take

In addition to checking out the library materials in this display, here are some actions you can take: