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Book Displays

International Week 2019

Building Understanding, Breaking Down Barriers:

40 Years of Global Engagement at JMU

On display in Carrier Library September 2019. Created by Center for Global Engagement and the International Week Committee.

Committed to the principle that international experiences and perspectives are essential to any education, the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) promotes and encourages critical awareness of world issues; knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures, languages, and belief systems; global community; and engagement at the international level, so that we may educate active and responsible global citizens.  A watershed moment in the history of international education at JMU was the 1979 establishment of Semester in London, which launched international programs for the university.  Since then, JMU has worked to expand programming for studies abroad; increase international students, scholars, and staff; and make international opportunities available both on campus and around the world.

Join us for International Week 2019 to celebrate four decades of building understanding and breaking down barriers!